Berry Blend Anti-Aging Organic  Body Oil
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Berry Blend Anti-Aging Organic Body Oil

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Berry Blend is the Newest Organic Treatment Body Oil added to Our Extraordinary Body Oil Collection.

Designed by and for our owner for the relief of eczema and skin sensitivity while replenishing cellular defense and a healing barrier for sensitive skins against dry conditions.

This organic body oil replenishes the skin with antioxidants from the Super Fruit Oil of Organic Raspberries. No color or aroma from these berries. What you get from cold pressed unrefined raspberries are anti-oxidants that repair and soften the skin leaving it stronger with each application and very silky feeling.

We add this precious Organic Raspberry oil into Jojoba Virgin Golden, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Golden Sesame Organic Oils with the added aroma of essential oils of Bergamot, and  Lavender Organic with their powerful properties.

Now you have a Blend that purifies, detoxifies to relieve pain, heals, strengthens cellular activity in defense, conditions and leave the skin beautiful healthy and silly feeling.   

Berry Blend is available in a 4oz. retail bottle at this time and retails for $84.00.  You can use it in Facial treatments for a most wonderful massage and a little is all that is needed.


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