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Vegan is not a trend it is a Way of Living.

It is growing rapidly now and we love this. So why Vegan?

It is a natural way of living and was for many years. During the 20th into the 21st century  being Vegan was looked at as a health fad or hippy syndrome trend.

A lot of us took and have taken it seriously and find living naturally along with nature has help clear minds, loose weight and cleanse a troubled gut while living a happier energetic life.

Cosmetics and spa going back 1000 years ago was plant and sometimes dairy blended and even animal fat processed. In case you are unaware, it changed only as long ago from plant to petroleum and animal-by-products chemistry in the mid 20th century and has changed our natural and chemically free cosmetic to petroleum by products, food processing, packaging and literally in every thing we live in.

Literally  from the Post WW2 World Years of the 20th Century took us from progress in medicine, which has given us the science of chemicals, automated and chemical food growth and processing, into material fractor-ization in clothing, construction and every thing we live with. There seems to be no escape .

Today, women want freedom from chemicals to have healthier children, a disease free home and clean nutritious food. So Vegan is on the rise and Vegan with no chemicals and processing = Organic Plant living, eating and supporting. So there is escape but it takes courage, our open minds to healthier foods and cooking and using clean and healthy products as much as possible.

True or real vegan cosmetics are hard to find. Because there is always a hidden chemical somewhere on the label. Yes, if your truly looking read the ingredients.

Here at the Red Cherry Group, we have been and used Vegan, Organic, and Certified whole health ingredients from the beginning. We are also experts in whole health ingredient blending and herbal and botanical handling for our health and yours.

We have created the Safest, Benefit Driven, Bio-cellular Active Organic Brands because we are Specialists in cosmetics and spa therapy ingredients today for health and beauty.This year we celebrate 24 years.

Every Spa should have a vegan and organic ingredient Professional and Retail line with no added fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, alcohols, or color or fragrance in it.

How do we do it? Red Cherry's  Body and Facial Pro Products are:

first designed to impact and aid in disease challenges from the simplest to the most chronic,

second sticking to our mission of vegan and organic ingredients only and natural old-time processing. Example, we partner with an organic Farm in Washing State for all our hydrosol toners. We have an Organic Oil Broker for our quality control oils and Small free trade farms around the globe.

third, half the line's therapies are dried Botanicals and Herbs from Organic Plants, since we are who we are we offer therapies dry making them more cost effective, bacteria controlled and have a stable shelf life.

Of Course there is more to it, but we stick to our beliefs, talents and background in Organic Science. We package products in glass and the hardest recyclable plastic  making sure our products are never compromised. Even our Labels are bio-degradable which will show usage, but think about how we all can help to save the world and the future with living clean, happy and healthy.

The big learning curve is instead of eating can or frozen broccoli, just buy a bunch of organic live food and steam, saute or wok it for your life and a greener planet.

I"m so glad my career is in Health and Spa





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