Complete Balance Step 4 Pro Mask 2oz.
Complete Balance Step 4 Pro Mask 2oz.
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Complete Balance Step 4 Pro Mask 2oz.

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Complete Balance Pro Mask is perfect for the most confused combo skins or between seasons when skin becomes unbalanced and congested and always feels under blemish attack and imbalanced. In addition can be used when ever there is a need to correct and clear occasional breakouts, controlled light Acne Skin and over active oil areas.

    Complete Balance Pro Mask has organic herbs of Patchouli, Lavender, and Echinacea with Bentonite and Green Clay. They are mixed to perfection making this a super balancing, bacterial and topical virus killing and strengthening and healing treatment. This Cleansing Mask corrects inflammation that can be underlying and is completely refreshing  while aiding oil production leaving the skin healthy, balanced and clear and perfect to layer over Vital Restorative or Resilience Serums.

    Best Skin Candidates:

    • Dry Skins in the Summer feeling more comfortable, but need balance
    • Acne in the Summer looking under control but still need healing
    • Post healing after inflammation is lowered. for all skin's in transition.

     Complete Balance Pro Mask Ingredients Natural Bentonite Clay and french Green Clay,
    Org. Patchouli Leaf Powder (Pogostemon cablin), Org. Lavandin Flower Powder (Lavandin- x-intermedia) and Org. Echinacea Herb Powder (Echinacea Purpurea)

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