Emerald Organic Step 4 Pro AHA Peel Serum 1oz.
Emerald Organic Step 4 Pro AHA Peel Serum 1oz.
Emerald Organic Step 4 Pro AHA Peel Serum 1oz.
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Emerald Organic Step 4 Pro AHA Peel Serum 1oz.

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  • Emerald organic Professional AHA Exfoliation Serum is a blend  of Organic Multi-Fruit Alpha hydroxy acids and Multi fruits . They are water soluble, which maximizes the stimulation of cell renewal, while minimizing irritation associated with the use of topical synthetic chemical alpha hydroxy acids typically used in today's market. The AHA Blend loosens  the top layers of dead cells (primarily composed of keratin) while on enzymes dissolve the keratinized layer.  The Organic AHA formula is found in the Emerald Professional AHA Peel as a pure tincture with a 2.50 pH

Emerald Organic Peeling Philosophy: We feel you should be able to adjust the treatment intensity with the ability by increasing or decreasing the amount of organic fruit acids or enzymes that are present in each step of the Professional Peel Treatment and teach our clients about the more often the younger the skin looks and feels.

Emerald Organic Facial Formulation: We formulated the entire facial and Home Care to begin with an Enzyme Cleanser, Acidic Toner, a Vedic Smoother Gomage, the AHA Peel Serum, a Longevity Vedic Mask and ending with an highly nutrient replacement Serum (moisture) that is excellent for the most sensitive skins.

The Skin's Function: The skin does not need to be aggressively treated with maximum discomfort being the traditional  thinking of only a deepest peel option. Your skin does slowdown with age to self-cleanse by shedding and detoxing  debris buildup ( papuals and pustuals) , self-regenerate, and self-repair. Peel Facials speed the skins natural exfoliation process, encouraging and assisting in performing its natural activities better with more consistency. We know the regularly exfoliated skin acts younger and looks younger and makes clients feel more beautiful as well as making makeup go on more smoothly.

Emerald Organic Benefits: Beautiful, Healthy, Younger Clear skin at all ages.

Organic Multi Fruit AHA Ingredients: (Acid Blend): Org. lemons: Citric and Malic Acids, Org. Oranges: Ascorbic Acid, Org. Sugar Cane: Glycolic and Lactic Acid,  Org.Maple: Malic Acid, Org. Bilberry: Malic and Citric Acids, Org. Cranberry: Citric, Malic, Tartaric and Oxalic Acids containing naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)

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