Purity Nourishment Step 4 Pro Mask
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Purity Nourishment Step 4 Pro Mask

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Purity Nourishment Pro Mask is comforting, healing, refinement, relief and detoxification. This mask reduces redness while it deeply purifies and leaves the skin evenly toned and feeling refreshed. Perfect for Breakouts, Acne Skin and Deep Congestion.

Purity Nourishment Pro Mask flushes out impurities with French Pink Clay, which is known for its active draw and valued trace minerals. The combined herbal formula aids in conditioning and soothing any skin reaction while removing softened stubborn debris and is perfect to layer over Vital Restorative Serum which add to the strengthening and purification of active oily skins.

Best Skin Candidates:

  • Acne Teen and Adult
  • Combination Congested Skins

Purity Nourishment Pro Mask Ingredients Org. Fine Ground Coconut Flour, Nat. Bentonite Clay, French Pink Clay, Org. Patchouli Leaf Powder (Pogostemon cablin), Org. Lavandin Flower Powder (Lavandin x intermedia), Org.Rosemary Leaf Powder (Rosmarinus officinalis),


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