Winter Green Organic EO
Winter Green Organic EO
Winter Green Organic EO
Winter Green Organic EO
Winter Green Organic EO
Amrit Organic

Winter Green Organic EO

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Organic Wintergreen (mint) is an exotic i the aroma  mint family that is warming, relaxing while it revitalizes the senses with a renewal of balance energy and vitality.

The Aroma:  is known for it's sweet, minty, and  warming woody aroma. It helps freshen stagnant indoor environments and helps improve moods, feelings of stress, and  a greater sense of emotional balance.

Wintergreen organic essential oil is perfect for blending winter muscle tension relief and warmth for better circulation and mobility.

Physical Properties: astringent, stimulating, warms circulation, soothing, enhances mental balance and deodorizing

Mind Body Spirit properties - uplifting, invigorating effect on the mood, ideal for boosting energy during times when the body feels lethargic making it an excellent essential oil for the winter blues, cold weather days and moods in sickness recovery

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe. Our Wintergreen comes from Northern China. Wintergreen is traditionally used for combating illness and body ailments from cold winter areas like Norther China and North America. Today we use Wintergreen in culinary applications to flavor foods, beverages, confectioneries, medications, and household cleaning products. Its antioxidant properties have also made it a popular ingredient in cosmetics.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body: 

For muscle soreness: Amrit Organic Signature Oil wintergreen, juniper berry, lemone, and eucalyptus 

For skin softening Amrit Signature Oil wintergreen, lavender

For revitalization Amrit Organic Signature oil wintergreen peppermint, ma chang and lavender

Find our Aromatherapy Bar Guides in the Ritual and Guides Links.  here you will find more ways to blend and treatments to offer.

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