Body Product Retailing?????? Whats Popular and Why!

Retailing in spas and clinics either solo or not, for some Professionals is a very scary topic and for others it's part of the service because it is an excellent practice encouraging and guiding the client to meet their goals with results and benefits.  It's that simple.

I for one could not understand my associates who let their clients go home empty handed. So let back step to understand why it's a challenge for some.

I hear from a lot of professionals that the reason they decided on their life's work in the spa and massage industry was to give back and make people feel good or they want to be part of a bigger picture of wellness. But when I ask do they offer the client the products to use at home to compliment their service which is generally for very important reasons like sleeping better, pain relief, skin conditioning and relaxation, "the Professional says, No".

The consequences are an injustice to the potential well being of the client.


Your client comes in with lower back pain from  workouts and you  warm her up and loosen the tension and some pain.

She leaves feeling so relieved, yet she will need to come back for several more treatments, change her workouts and take care and follow any instruction until she returns for the follow up service.

What will she be using at home for the intermittent pain and daily night care? You recommended another service in 5-7 days. I supposed she'll be alright. :(

Oh No, Here she comes for her followup service:

Would she have been in this much pain if you had recommended the following:

Warm bath with an application of Jivaka Pain Relief Oil applied to the lower back, joints and leg muscles.  After Cleansing and toweling off, apply lightly Jivaka Oil again the same way and wear warm sleep wear for the next 3 nights. The for the  Next 2 nights you either bathe or Hot shower and apply the Jivaka after. I will be seeing you the next day for the follow up relief service and lets reevaluate your progress.

Let's assume there was more discussion with that client. But in retrospect if the client has any issues and they come to us for including relaxation, sleep challenges, mental stress, physical stress, anxiety, overworking issues, sports trauma and aches, acne body skin, dry skin, the list goes on, they are coming to an alternative wellness professional and although they have the right to say "no thank you" which rarely happens; it's your practice and privilege to offer sound advice for the type of services they should have for relief and management and their home practice care which is vital to continuing with connection to work with that client.

Our client above will now forget about what was recommended and stop at the store on the way home or maybe not, for throw away chemical heat pads and might or might not use. 

That is it in a nut shell.

Bottom line is stop being afraid to retail., in fact think of it as part of your practice. Its important and good to have the client go home with your recommendations and their next follow up service booked. This is a business building wellness connection  action between the client and their professional. If you don't get it right the first time write down the protocols for each service on your business menu. and follow it.

So, what products should your offer and what's popular in Body Wellness Home Care this winter.

A collection of Body Therapy Oils and balms is most popular.

But choose therapies that coordinate to the type of services and clients you care for.

Here at the Red Cherry Group, we offer Amrit Organic Wellness Target Body Oils and Therapies. That meet the therapists custom work.

What is wonderful: all our body oils are proven therapies with extraordinary results and benefits. They are bottled in Amber Frosted Glass with a Dropper for exact amount application.

There are lots of massage toys for the home too but leave that for the client's closet. Choose your talents instead.

Heat packs are awesome to offer.                     Who cant use a heat pack.

Bath Salts are a must if you recommend hot bath therapy. Sleep, Pain and Stress heal well with salt baths and Organic oil application after.

Lastly CBD Balms, I love them for chronic pain along with the rest.

I hope you made to the end of this article. I am a big advocate for meeting my client need and making her experience well rounded. Think of that way and forget the word Retail .

Now it's time to make it part of your therapy and I would love if I didn't have to ask for what I should be using at home and how after every type of  service I get.

If you have any comments or question go to contact and send them to me. 

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