August into the Aroma of Autumn

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Garden aromas change mid August and continue to warm up the sultry breezes of September. Mum's buds begin to flourish and our spirits begin to prepare for cooler temps. Have you asked yourself what path do I take in wellness?

If you haven't thought of planning services and marketing for Autumn into Winter now is the appropriate time. 

We have created the Modern Body Massage and ritual therapies for seasons incorporating the Five Principles of Chinese Medicine and the Modern Season's lifestyle.

Start with knowing what clients are experiencing and wanting in their spa experiences. 

Our Finished Collections address society with its Environmental  and physical needs. Our Minds and Physical being  have taken a turn to needing therapies that Focuses on Modern Challenges but offer wellness principles.

Today’s Needs

  • deeply calmed nerves and sadness.
  • building strength through deeper internal meditation.
  • clarifying the mind and eliminates sleep deprivation.
  • detoxify internal body system blocks causing weakness.
  • cleanse the visible and internal effects of stress and illness.
  • release complete to restore clarity.
  • pain management naturally  

 It's really simple these are the new sought after experiences your client's need and often they can not identify them, but you can. No gimmicks, tools or machines. Think about what your client is not saying and solve their search. Learn and educate them about the preventative ways of wellness.

 It's real easy when you present it well and have the finest collections.

Amrit Organic Modern Body Massage Therapies takes the spa culture and services into the newest wellness directives of Modern Botanical Therapy including the placement of the whole health offerings in your hands to impact the demands of your client’s health and lives. Thus, resetting our lives to a stronger and resilience future.

Modern Wellness Massage and Body Work Collections

Rest to Recharge: Sleep directly impacts energy quality to the point of turning losses into stronger body electricity, reviving energy.  Body systems can be recharged by quieting the mind allowing the healing and refreshing of internal and external channels. One way to stimulate the body's system function and pushing out internal toxins and signal systems activity is with a kick start. This body therapy allows for internal actions to work more efficiently, aid and begin a physical slow down and quiet the mind to induce a deeper relaxed state. This is one of the most critical lacking practices today.

Featured Ing: Org, Blu Chamomile oil, Org. Grapefruit Pink, Org. Lemon, Org. Peppermint Org. Plantain, Beet, Org. Echinacea

Open Flow targets the body's energy accelerator which is so important to mind clarification and internal nerve strengthening. If body systems are clogged with disease and depression the systems begin to perpetuate poor health and mental challenges or even addiction. Open Flow aids in opening these internal channels by fortifying nutrients that strengthen with anti-aging botanicals.

Featured Ing: Org. Bergamot, Org. Rose Geranium. Org. Lavender, Org. Sweet Basil, Org. Angelica, Org. Beet Root, and Org Hibiscus Powders (finely ground), Org. Echinacea 

Clara-Cleanse for mind clarification and healthy longevity. This is the most important daily routine. Through healthy treatment and home care including a live food diet, gives our mind’s powerful strengthening nutrition to improve thought and our bodies longevity. Body massage therapy and treatments of wraps with products that bring nutrition and movement are the first step to pain relief and maintenance.

Clara Cleanse is very gentle and made for those whose lives are overwhelmed and maxed with challenges. They never take a break for themselves, eat properly, work long hours and sleep poorly. This formula is designed to bring release and open blocks to ease and open the mind for clarity, aid the flow of energy to reduce anxiety and allow the body to relax. This Herbal Combination is anti-inflammatory, mild pain relief and control, strengthening, detoxification and toxin release, and better circulation and breath. Results are refreshing with calmness, better skin color and encouragement to a fresh beginning.

Featured Ing:  Org. Lemongrass Ginger French Cypress, Org. Ylang, Org. Rosemary, Org. Lemon, Organic Calendula (finely ground), Organic Ginger Root (finely ground), Organic Lemon Grass (finely ground)

 Launching in September!

Pain Control triggers vitality, aiding the process of relieving pain with all there is all to gain. Even minor pain is a sign of a continual health risk. But it can be holistically controlled with preventative pain-relieving herbs and oils unless there are deeper health issues. These formulas address arthritis, sports strains, muscle cramps and pain from tension. They can be wonderful therapeutic wraps and massage the are first preventative and an awakening to a healthier lifestyle. 

Earthly Body and Mind, induces harmony. a joyful leap in spirit, a calmness in body muscles, sensual journey to heal within and the awakening of health. This Modern Medley of Botanicals directly connects the needs towards whole wellness of the mind’s attitude, body language and energy to stabilize physical grounding. 

Release Fatigue, targets stress for mental strengthening. For those overloaded or for those that are always feeling exhausted. This formula takes the system down to peace and deeply flushes blocks to energize the internal electricity opening the channels to begin the healing processes. Energy is the result from a meditative approach and a gentle awakening.

Take a survey, look at what your offering and ask yourself if its really wellness or are you offering the ordinary

One Simple Change can Change your world and your Business growth!

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