Lymphatic Nudging Therapy

The Art of “The Cycle of Wellness” Part 1.

Wellness is the main ingredient for the quest of a healthy life style to maintain strength, minimize disease, commitment to keeping balance and to radiate that health with a clear mind and a healthy body which equals beauty.

Maintaining and acquiring wellness is a cyclical journey separated into quarter concentrating on pain relief, detoxification, balance and beauty in that order.

If we teach our clients the cycle of wellness and recommend them to return to each of these actions over and over again we help them maintain a stronger and healthy life.

Wellness Spa and Clinic Body Massage, Warps and Exfoliation stimulate to invigorate and bring balance to the largest organ and muscles of the body directly influencing every internal organ including the circulatory, lymphatic and central nervous systems.

The increasing addition to health and wellness body treatment is in the added therapy of organic oils in specific blends, and effective combinations of botanical essential oils and natural herbs with active properties for each cycle that empowers manual therapy.

Detoxification is the first quarter phase to maintain successful wellness health because detoxification opens lymphatic and their blocked channels and aids by gently nudging the lymph system to release toxins. Most people hear the word detoxification and they think purging the body's bowels like a colonoscopy because many diet plan and health food retailers recommend products that do just that to start loosing weight.


The Definition of Detoxification is / a treatment that is intended to remove toxic substances from the body. A program of detoxification gets rid of the toxins left in the body from drug use, food chemicals and toxins, alcohol toxins and various exposures to environmental toxins in our water and air. Detoxification can purge the liver, kidneys, and intestine of harmful toxins.

Detoxification types include - Alcohol, Drug, Metabolic and Alternative Medicine and Practices.

Detoxification pathways  

Our bodies keep us healthy is through our own body's built-in mechanism designed to filter out harmful chemicals and eliminate what they don't need. We can thank our five major organs for this elimination cycle, otherwise known as our detoxification pathwaysOur liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lymphatic system, respiratory system, and skin make up our detoxification pathway. They work around the clock to flush out toxins.

Now that you have a clearer definition to use in educating the client in Wellness, wellness spa is always talking and offering Alternative Ancient and Modern Therapies of Massage, and Body Exfoliants and Masks and Wraps.

The Wellness Spa offerings focus is on the Lymphatic, Nerve, Circulatory and Mind Clarification systems. These are simple in design and powerful in repeated therapy services. Depending on the initial Client Profile you will know when the Second Part of the Cycle of Life the client is ready for.

Amrit Organic Created the Cycle of Life Therapies to center and help us share our knowledge with the client and the guide of information is available in a DOC. on the Guides and Ritual Page.

Amrit Organic Offer two types of Detoxification Therapies.
  • 1. The Garshan Collection (Ancient Ayurvedic)
  • 2. Clara Cleanse (Modern Crafted Therapies)

Garshan Detox Therapy kick starts the cleansing mechanisms of the body including the lymph system. These internal actions initiate toxin removal and strengthening the body’s natural system of detoxification. Garshan combines powerful Organic essential oils of Geranium Rose, Juniper Berry, Cypress and Lemone in Organic Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E.

Garshan means "Ignite Energy to Detoxify"

These Botanical Oils bring a bounty of botanical nutrition and anti-oxidants while the precious Plant essential oil properties invigorate while warming cellular action and encouraging the body’s stubborn collective areas to release toxins and impurities, improving the normal daily body repair and protection abilities.

The Aroma of Garshan is Exotic and Deeply Warm and every muscle in the body thrives in it.

Clara Cleanse Modern Therapy is very gentle and made for those whose lives are over whelmed and maxed with challenges. They never take a break for themselves, eat properly, work long hours and sleep poorly. This formula is designed to bring release and open blocks to ease and open the mind for clarity, aid the flow of energy to reduce anxiety and allow the body to relax.

Clara Cleanse means "Clarity with the Purity of Wellness"

The Herbal Combination is anti-inflammatory, induces mild pain relief, encourages system control, strengthening through the detoxification and toxin release, and aid in building better circulation and breath. Results are refreshing with calmness, better skin color and encouragement to a fresh beginning.

Plant Botanical: Ingredients include: Organic Lemongrass, Ginger Root, French Cypress, Rosemary, Ylang and Lemone in Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Virgin Jojoba, Organic EVO.

Clara Cleanse Aroma is citrus with a deep under tone of wild forests and woody warmth.

Lastly, guiding your clients towards the Cycle of Life offers you and your client an amazing tool to practice for a lifetime. Detoxification is a vital natural body practice and it improves our mind, as well as all the vital organ pathways to keeping us strong maintaining to fight off stress and pollution and it's many forms.

If you have never tried Garshan we will send you a four ounce Pump Bottle and the Scrub-Mask Pouch with any 100.00 order of

Amrit Organic Products automatically.

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