Spring to Build My Spa Back!

Have you noticed on Social media and most every where, ads for miracle weight loss bubblies and teas to virtual trainers and sweat masters?

Have you seen reports on young women in a frantic confident discouraging mind set to mirror image beauties on Social media. Not to leave us wiser chicks out falling into any thing to firm, tighten, reconstruct and bleed all over to look younger. 

Have you been trying to get a number of clients to come in for their used to do services instead of booking one service? They are over protective, brain numb and unmotivated to to do more then work and shop as necessary?

Have you had a miserable time finding professionals to hire?

Well, Now is the perfect time to shake it all up and build back your business. A new improved spa and salon spa business that hits the needs-mark not just the wax and a hair cut only service.

We are all Entrepreneurs in the beauty business from nail technicians to to waxing artists. Its time to create the new spa venue, to become more to the client needs, and make it wonderfully informative and soul saving.

Lets face it, destination is destination but the Spa for real life needs to be different and spectacular and still address the real need of the Working, Home Care, Family or Single women and girl life.

If you go on the WWW.any.spa.com you will see all the same offerings. The biggest differences are the colors and names.

What if you surfed and found this:

Come for  Completeness

Find a Guide for beauty with Your Life's Desired Balance of Body, Face and Health in Beauty, Energy and Individual Success.

All in a Day Spa Experience. 


My Life's Day Spa Offerings are for all who embrace health and beauty.

Yes, we are a Full Day Spa but our purpose goes beyond the norm and fits with your needs and daily practices. We Offer:

Gatherings: Including Current Informational Topics including Women's and Girl's Personal Hygiene and Care, Beauty, Eats and Living forever Well Demonstrations, Motivational Top-Topics including How to Restructure You purposes to Aging and Looking your best, and Knowledge Presentations on all of our services, and how to advance your life practices.

Wellness and Day Services: Covering all the principles of needs along with your personal needs and goals.

Nutritionist: including weight loss, rebounding energy from illness, healthy habits and personal care and Confidence building for High School through College. Middle Age and Aging beautifully through Aging. 

Body-custom individual expectations, defining and goal setting: including  recovery, anti-stress control, circulation warmth and mobility and more; all with Massage, Home Care instruction and  help with a Fitness and  Wellness Professional.

Face-custom individual face defining and goal wellness setting: including beautiful skin success, developing the look of your appearance and how to achieve it, skin care facials and home care to meet your current needs and goals from acne to anti aging for all ages.

Face Anti-Aging for All Ages including practices, refinement, defining and mapping: including analysis needs and service choices. Services include facial therapies for your skin along with home care. 

Facial Beauty Masking includes Make up, Facial Hair mapping and desired design through Make-up and teaching you how with simple instructions for everyday being a beautiful face day. All Ages


Start with a personal care discovery meeting by Face-Time or In person. We will listen, learn you and your life style and plan a simple program for your most important need before booking your first service. Call for more details.

Embrace the Goals during your services with intent to heal and absorbing knowledge


Was I dreaming this?  No, this is a YES to I Can Do this. Does it take some creative work? Yes it's exciting and all your adding is a better design and purpose for you spa culture, because the times have dramatically changed. You can do this big or test out small.

Start Small is by  Doing a Special Discovery Gathering to find out where and what do my Clients and additional new Clients seek and need from my spa and my team.

Market: Gatherings of 10 to 20 People depending on the size of your open area. Send out invitations (clients, Village High profiles,  Local News Journalists and other professionals), local Social Media Blast, Local City News and Community Event Calendar, Spa Website  and Spa Social Media.

Plan: Make the Event a personal yet special event, be organized, have a Play Card with the Schedule for your guest arrival, have all departments represented and prepare a information and gift bag.

Topic: Everyone uses the words Anti-aging. Choose topics like Defining My Image, or Face to Face with a Beautiful Body or More then Beauty Secrets to Discuss or What is Beauty Media or Change

Present: Have a guest speaker from a Vendor who can meet the topics direction, do a short demo and add a game with interaction, give tours and show great kindness in special coupons and services for just coming. OH also create a short questionnaire with a drop box and gift drawing from those questionnaires

Why do I believe in transition and changing out of our norm now? Because I have done it and our industry need a build back for our future. By creating newness, and re-defining a New Community Destination Today Spa, new hires will be inspired and seek you!


As for events, I have done many: I did an evening with a Spa on the Topic: Learn the Top 12 Toxins in Personal Care. Sun Flower Day Spa in Chicago, IL. and now relocated in Vero beach FL. they carry both Amrit Organic and Raw Skin Care.

This was an easy Topic for me and we had a turn out of 52 (pre pandemic- stick to the safety numbers and you can always repeat after success). It was a Freezing Rainy February-Tuesday Night, never to forget. I brought 50 Bottles of 1 oz. Organic Signature Oil and popped 2 extra in my purse along with 10 essential oils. I spoke for 45 mins. to amazing women and we blended Essential Oils and book appointment for 2 hours. Since then,  I've done many events like this for our clients and it brings more then a burst of energies, it creates newness and knowledge to many who are not aware of what is actually is available out there.

To wrap this all up:

  • Things have changed and Spa head up the new direction on with it's own design for its future.
  • Trends of nutrition, weight control, defining individual beauty, the aging allergy and stress control and confidence building is our industry.
  • Spa must keeping from becoming a Day Spa Misfit and Build My Spa Back with simplicity and wellness in every clients lifestyle!
  • Inspiration come with change and we have a lot to be inspired with to improve.

Want ideas or chat, give me a call. We love to talk Spa.




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