Skinimalism and the Most Popular Personal Care Spa Services and Product Report for 2022

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Skinimalism was predicted in 2021 and is our current future

Skinimalism is the new empowerment of loving your skin and not hiding under layers of makeup and coverup and not sculpting the natural facial design.

Skinimalism is the idea of the marriage of makeup, simplicity and skin care. Think of it as the new direction of the botanical natural-green-pure wave. The glamour is in using the best basics and one -two high performance skincare products for the skin type and challenges to have that look of natural healthy by using little amount of different products for the minimal image, thus a no makeup look. In addition, any imperfections and shine can and is acceptable to peeking through.

This is not a completely new trend. In the 1980s it was the No-makeup-make up look, but today with all the touch up-photo-apps everywhere, the skinimalist still has the desire for perfect skin. In conclusion, it's a sign of moving away from those unrealistic beauty standards, and still having the desire to have beauty.

This is where spa esthetics fulfills the trend. If you’re not looking to capture this trend then read no further, but if you’re a mover and shaker driving the Day Spa Business, I’m with you. So, lets simply look.

Note: throughout the report I highlighted in Green the services and products that are best to offer those who want Simplicity, Great Skin, and a Healthy Beautiful Face = Skinimalism

Most Popular Personal Care Day Spa Services report for 2022

Full Services 1 hour / they are in order of most popular first

Massage/ Stress release the most popular spa treatment on the market are massages, a therapy preformed back thousands of years. It is perfectly titled Massage which was derived from the Greek word “masso”, meaning touch.

Facial/ Custom Anti-aging -Deep Cleansing. Clients are wanting to not just see youthfulness but now understand the youthful look of flawless moist skin and the deep cleansing facial can fulfill this alone with anti-aging exfoliation and layering serums with masks.  

Facials in order of popularity:

  • Classic Facial / an add-on plus
  • Hydra* Facials /treatment combining microdermabrasion and any added hydration method
  • Firming* Facials/ using tools to firm and sculpt: Marma and Lymphatic Massage, Micro-current, and Sculpting Wands
  • Lymphatic* Facial/ a deep cleansing, de-congesting and circulation toning massage
  • Acne Facials* / all ages with specialized products for anti-inflammation, acne pain relief, gentle detoxification, anti- bacterial and balancing

*Note: from the Hydra facial down, those facials can be created into micro-versions to add-on to the Classic Facial.

Massage Add-ons 15 min. and standalone Services 30 min shorter services

  • Body Herbal Exfoliating / tressage-herbs or sea salt and oils with custom aromatherapy which leads into the massage
  • Face to Scalp and Head Massage/ 30 mins
  • Back Massage / 30mins
  • Leg and foot massage/ 30 mins
  • Shoulder (Upper Back) and neck, arms, and hands/ 30 mins

Facial Add-on 15 min. and standalone Services  30 min shorter services

  • Anti-Aging Exfoliation/ Chemical and Microdermabrasion /15 mins / standalone 30 min.
  • Anti-aging Serum (1) and Mask for lip or eyes /15 mins / standalone 30 min
  • Scrapper Exfoliation Tool

Note: The services I'm pointing out are starting points for you when recognizing this client. Its important to speak her language to meet her skin care goals which can eventually expand the types of Facial you can engage her into.


Most Popular Personal Care Medical Spa Services report for 2022

Noninvasive Medical Anti-Aging Services for the face

  • Botox and other like Injectables that address wrinkles and lines on Forehead and around Eyes.
  • Dermal Fillers that fill in loss and potential deep lines imperfections
  • Laser Hair Removal over waxing for a more improvement to permanently or slowing down hair growth
  • Body Sculpting, a noninvasive fat reduction service that permanently kills fats cells.

Medical Facial Services

  • Micro-needling, an aesthetic procedure for boosting collagen
  • Medical Facial Treatment, a custom facial with all the skin types anti-aging and clarifying procedures
  • Hydra Facial, a five-step Medical Treatment Session with chemicals and Hydra tools
  • Chemical Peels, from basic to advanced deep chemical treatments
  • Derma-planing, a noninvasive skin smoothing and vellus hair removal
  • PRP Micro-needling, a platelet injection procedure that builds collagen and rejuvenates the skin.

Most Popular Skin Care Products for 2022

  • Serums and Cremes/ Vitamin C and Super Fruits
  • Cleanser/ Exfoliating, Anti-inflammatory and Bacteria Killing
  • Botanical Exfoliant Masks/ Firming and Purifying  

 Most Popular Body Care Products for 2022

  • Oil and Aromatherapy Specific for body and Bath
  • Cremes for Eczema
  • Non-Fragrance Natural Soaps
  • Body Exfoliant tools: Scrubs, Salts and Brushes

Here are some examples to identifying Skinimalism:

Freckles, Shiny Nose, Sun Damage, Natural Brows, Breakouts on chin.
Works from Home
Uses Emerald Org. Skin care, My Micellar Anti-aging facial wash.


Raw Skin Care’s Most Popular Skinimalism Skin and Body Care Products for 2022

Natural Brows, Sun-Freckles, Beginning Rosacea, Shinny Skin,
Skin Can easily become blotchy
Works in the Food Industry

 Uses My Micellar Water for Sensitivity, Purely Bare Cleanser for Immediate relief with soothing deep cleansing, Emerald Organic Serum and Spirit Within-  Anti-oxidant Body Oil.  

This says a lot about the mind set of us today, including myself. I have always believed simplicity and moderation is the key. I suggest you look ta your spa environment and de-clutter, simplify and recreate your approach to building your new market and embrace the New Skinimalism Movement. The Future is Here.

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