Exotic Coffee Scrubs from Thialand

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Thailand is known for Exotic Coffee Scrubs with spicy ground herbs of cardamon, cinnamon and naturelle Thai coffee with the exotic aroma of cocoa.

Traveling around the world is not as hard as you think and your can encourage and recommend your clients to book a global service from your place of holistic services or even yourself to seek out Global Treatment in Clinics and Day Spas.  

Every place on this lovely plant we call earth has its indigenous plants and cultures. Most of them are much older and steeped in holistic medicine using local only. Plus most of these services have been done for Centuries outside of the USA

Places like Indonesia, specifically Thailand, Burma, India and all their coastal islands are bursting with botanical flowers and fruits, whole earth grasses, exotic herbs and lots of edibles.  These edibles your body needs for healing... and healing is what we all yearn for. The beauty of global holistic traditions are all the health providing nutrients. Their actions are simple and perfect for body and face treatments.

Today we are traveling to Thailand for their Exotic Rich Coffee Scrub-Body Treatment and not just any coffee but an exotic coffee that is as rich smelling as the finest chocolates and it is mixed with botanical and herbal spices that bring the mind to ease and beauty, the body to energy and clear circulation and the soul in the aroma of tranquility and refreshment.

The visual effects and results of the Thai Coffee Scrub and Wrap is the deep opening of the senses and breathe, refreshed energy glow, and healthy body color, and refining. It is actively excellent for cellulite, a sluggish lymph system and lethargic feelings; especially after strenuous labor, workout or illness.

Traditionally the rooms are prepared with a sensual aroma of cardamon and lemongrass and every guest is presented with a cooling or a warming tea after or during a full consultation. If you are not doing any Body Treatments, this one is perfect to introduce as a new-first and a joy to offer.

Amrit Organic's Exotic Coffee Treatment is from original indigenous practices and mixed with exotic botanical powders of flowers, fruit, herbs and coffee from that part of the globe and because its perfectly made. Its additional benefits include aiding  jet lag, exhaustion, poor sleep, the softening of thick dry skin, and skin refinement.

Our Thai Coffee Scrub is made with Fine Ground Naturelle Dark Rich Exotic Thai Coffee to refine, energize and purify,  Organic Coconut  for treating inflammation, Natural Bentonite Clay to Purify and Cleanse with the Organic Brown Rice Flour for active enzymatic properties to soften skin and prep for a wrap. The botanical aroma includes Spicy Cardamon and Cinnamon making this an extraordinary Anti-aging treatment.

To preform this treatment the Exotic Coffee Dry therapy is then mixed with Thai Lemongrass Oil and the option of additional essential oils of any of the following:

Thailand’s Top Therapy Oils:

  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Coconut
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot
  • Black Pepper
  • Rosemary

Signature Mixing

Signature Mixes are easy with Amrit Plant and Aroma Oils like Bergamot and Lemon for a Vitamin C to brighten skin or Black Pepper and Rosemary for a deeper internal therapeutic tension release. We highly recommend mixing some Sesame Organic oil for chronic internal Inflammation along with the Thai Lemongrass Oil.

Thai Lemongrass Oil Benefits:  Exceptional anti-inflammatory and healing, aroma that aids healing the mind and stimulate the palette. Organic Safflower and Sunflower Oils are used for their super antioxidants =omegas 6 & 9. They also both have tremendous conditioners and known for anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly we add Organic Ginger Root for its detoxifying benefits making this a deeply rejuvenating treatment.

Lastly from Thailand we have the wonderful four-hand massage and poultice massage therapy that flows naturally after or in between body scrub and wrap therapy services.

If your offer Body therapies with massage and educate the community they will come. After all you can offer the globe right in your spa.

We have a plethora of exotic global service in Amrit Organic Global Therapies and we are exclusive to the Spa industry. Call us for Body Therapy ideas and how to offer them and remember the best time to offer and refresh the spa body menu is going into Indian Summer and Fall!

We are Masters of Organic Botanical Therapy

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