Enlightening and Clarifying the Mind with Shiradara.

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 Simply the most effect wellness service from ancient medical history. It completely checks and removes stress with its impact on the nervous system and internal organ functioning systems by gently purging out the mental blocks. Lets reveal the truth and the steps of this wonderful and beneficial treatment and then decide to experience it your self. You will be offering this service and broadening your spa culture to whole wellness.

The Truth About Panchakarma

The world is speeding up all around us. Countless distractions command our attention. These distractions come from what is new on social media to those never-ending to-do lists. From one minute to the next, most people live with minds in a state of unrest, running at top speed from the moment of waking until they pass out at night.

While this has become the “normal” state of being these days, it is certainly not natural.

So, it is no wonder that more people are asking their practitioners about Shirodhara. This Ayurvedic treatment is known to calm the mind, making it an ideal treatment for those who suffer from the modern ailments of feeling run down, stressed out, and mentally exhausted. 

What Is Shirodhara_Shiro means “head,” and dhara means “dripping oil as if a thread.” Shirodhara as a treatment consists of a stream of warm oil run continuously on the forehead. The oil is controlled by the practitioner to run from a copper vessel held about six to eight inches above the forehead.  The use of modern machines for shirodhara is not recommend because electromagnetic energy interferes with the herbal oil and the unique healing process.

The ultimate goal of shirodhara is to calm the nervous and connecting systems to bring about clarity and  healing from the inside out. In addition proper choice of oils will have qualities which support the clients mind and body bringing it gently and peacefully back to balance.This is accomplished with a Dosha and medical consultation.

Shirodhara oils contain herbs such as ashwagandha, brahmi/gotu kola, and bhringaraj. Amrit Organic Shirodhara Oil is an organic ingredient blend of ayurvedic and natural plant herbs, extracts and oils.

How It Is Done The best and preferred method is to first slowly run the oil over the  16 marma points on the forehead, and then let the oil run continuously on a single point in the center of the forehead. During the treatment the client will feel additional rejuvenation from the focus on the marma points, stimulating the release of tension and encourages the flow of prana. Prana is the life breathing force that flows around and in the body.

The Golden Shirodhara Treatment  process typically takes 20–30 minutes; but the entire service (60 minutes to 90 minutes) with best results is achieved by first doing a short tea consult experience and then once on the table, a slow application of the proper dosha herbal oil to the body. This soothes the body and mind, preparing the client to receive the shirodhara healing. In the end the client's scalp / head will be coated in oil and after the last drop of oil a relaxing scalp and neck massage is preformed. This releases any neck tension from the 20 min position and with your hands you finish the massage you place the head straight with the spine on the flat table and end with a short aromatic and awakening aroma and breathe session (3 minutes). To fully awaken your client I highly recommend a quick frisking of hands and feet. This awakening  practice is wonderful for any and all body services.

After Your Shirodhara to maintain the sense of peace, coach your client to avoid  electronics for at least three hours to over night and keep the head covered for a few hours with a towel for warmth.

Shirodara and the Mind

Shirodhara clears he energetic blocks in the channels in the head. It can also awaken the third eye (ajna chakra), release old memories, and bring deep inner focus, With good coaching and observance of the clients attitude and body language the practitioner can make a positive difference in the treatment benefits including the feeling of a welcome sensation of deep relaxation, inner calm, and peace.

Clients often say that they feel as if they are in a waking meditative state, and the effects of which continue for weeks. That is the best experience you want to give as a practitioner.

When to Do Shirodara: Shirodara is a powerful treatment. It is important to remember that Ayurveda works with the individual, so the client's state of mind and body must be considered before undergoing any body or head treatment treatment.

Like most Ayurvedic treatments, shirodhara is designed to reset the body’s natural healing mechanisms. When done with care and the right intention, shirodhara can bring back a natural state of bliss, allowing inner peace making us strong to the chaos around us..

As a Student  then teacher of the Ayurvedic ways of happiness and health there are no other holistic medical care that can compare. Ayurveda's purpose is designed with wellness and a desire for beauty of the entire body completely in connection to the grounding of nature.

Questions, please email me at Info@redcherrygroup.com.

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