Pain Relief and Spa Therapy

We all know pain. Its different for everyone, but whats not different is managing it. The questions are when to seek relief, what kind of topical or internal product to use and when to see a doctor.

Pain Therapy in Spa is the place to go to seek simple pain relief from over strained muscles, stress causing pain, and detoxification which is the first act to relieving pain without first reaching for the wrong at home ointment or pill.

Day Spa Body Therapy Services are alternative and preventative for the everyday early or continuing pain issues. Like stress which attacks the upper back, shoulders and head, leaving mild to deep pain, tension and tightness that regular massage and deep tissue can manage, if done in a plan for the individual and let's face it Mom's physical pains are difference then a Women or Man who is a laborer or a Person in Management and sitting at a computer all day. We all have a form of physical and mental stress. and these programs are wonderful. In addition there needs to be a partnership between the client and the professional with a regime like home bathing, rest practices, product pain relief management and how to maximize the benefits. All this is vital to keeping the inflammation down from stress, thus a happier being.

But there is so much more to pain maintenance at the spa that we can offer and guide our clients into holistic practices that truly work.

For Massage it's important to use the right product for the client. We call it the Cycle of Life. This collection must include a detoxification pain relief oil and balm, a balancing and calming oil and balm and a beautiful relaxing oil and balm to make the full cycle to pain management.

In Body Wrap and Scrub Collections there are amazing therapies in offer for mind, body and spirit wellness which is the driving influencer on pain management. The Spa's Service Collection should include the following therapies: a Sleep with Ease, a Restore to Balance, a Release Fatigue, a Grounding to Earth for wellness and a Channel Opening Service. Body Therapies like these soften the muscles, and prepare the mind and body for maximum massage benefits along with holistic herbal skin and system function conditioning benefits that go further into pain management then one can imaging. They are formulated for a challenging negative or frustrating occurrence blocking health in a client's daily life.  

It's that simple when you have the correct tools and offerings for your clients. But you have to put the plans in action. How? You become the teacher and influencer to your clients and show them the benefits of pain management in the spa with an at home practice.. 

On the flip side, be aware of conditions to when to send or recommend a doctor to your clients. We have powerful tools and talents with modalities and holistic therapies and products but there is a fine line when a client should and must seek a medical opinion.

Amrit Organic offers the finest Massage Oils and Deep Tissue Balms and Global and New Modern Body Therapies that are renown and they are always organic from nature. Some of the Modern Therapies have been developed for our Staff and families. Join us in discovery and offer the finest there is to offer.

Check out the Cycle of Life Series as well.

April 2023


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