Anti-Illness Therapies, Is there such a thing?

Yes there is! If you the Professional have ever attended any of my National Classes from New York to LA over the past 15 years including: Aromatherapy, Apothecary Wellness, Ayurveda, Indigenous Organic therapies, Body and Spa, the healthy Spa Therapies, creating Spa Signature Wraps, Working with Botanicals, Classes to name a few, you discovered that there is a plethora of anti-illness ways to offer healing, purification, detoxification, good body flow improvement, stress and pain  relief and that list also goes on in every product and move you make in Body and Facial Treatments.

Having a passion for wellness is the Spa Life but are we always offering the correct therapies for the right times and conditions.

My rule of thumb is the answers to the questions from my client, community demographics, Seasonal Changes and Global Stresses lay the foundation of what is needed.... More to come

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