Anti-Illness Therapies, Is there such a thing?

Yes there is! If you the Professional have ever attended any of my National Classes from New York to LA over the past 15 years including: Aromatherapy, Apothecary Wellness, Ayurveda, Indigenous Organic therapies, Body and Spa, the healthy Spa Therapies, creating Spa Signature Wraps, Working with Botanicals, Classes to name a few, you discovered that there is a plethora of anti-illness ways to offer healing, purification, detoxification, good body flow improvement, stress and pain  relief and that list also goes on in every product and move you make in Body and Facial Treatments.

Having a passion for wellness is the Spa Life but are we always offering the correct therapies for the right times and conditions. Massage alone can not improve the human body unless the mind, inner systems and nourishment are included.

My rule of thumb are the answers from my client, knowing  community demographics, understanding the impact of changing seasons and Global Stresses that lay the foundation of what is needed. Take a close look at who is your client today. You can see from their bookings to how they answer health and consult questions .But can you guide the client to what is needed instead of just doing a massage.

Lets examine the chronic human issues in our daily lives today.

STRESS: includes exhaustion, poor eating habits and restlessness in body language and mind clutter.

Anti-Illness Therapies for Stress must revive circulation, stimulate appetite and clarify the mind, like Exotic Coffee scrubs and spicy oils from Our Thai Organic Treatments are perfect plus they detoxify and aid the nervous system to improve.

PAIN: from sports to achy muscles includes slow and tired body language, mental anguish, general discomfort and cold skin.

Anti-Illness Therapies for pain begins with stress relief, but its different then mental stress. Release of pain starts with relief from tightness and system blockage,and body cramping, strain and immobility. Begin with relieving muscle tension and inner coldness from poor circulation. Our Jivaka and Garshan Organic scrubs, wraps and massage directly deal with moving the body systems and warming the internal flow while gently aid in relieving the effects of pain.

Mental Over Load: from work, family or life weight comes hyper body and verbal language, poor health and depression and a general feeling of lifelessness.

Anti-Illness Therapies for the over load syndrome begins with warmth, gentle waves of relaxation, system clarification and cleansing. Our Lulur Treatment from oil pouring to wraps, rubs, scrubs and head and body massage are designed to bring health to the entire main and body with herbal combinations that clarify and cleanse, support and strengthen, bring meditation and relaxation to the forefront and improve health.

These are big three illness boosting culprits these past 2 years. They haven't let up causing even the most calm and confident individuals to become weary and more vigilant to health.

We can help those we touch with more complete preventative care, just by telling them what they need and offering them a sampling of the treatment effects and results.

If your interested  in doing a more condensed treatment for massage with treatment in an hour and your still doing a full hour massage, try Tressage.

Look for Tressage and all our other Body Massage and Therapy protocols and guides here


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