Tressage™ is an Anti-Illness Massage & Treatment Practice

Tressage™ wellness massage incorporates the Body Treatment Ritual with Traditional and Global Massage Modalities as a standard massage therapy for the 21st Century and New Spa Culture. It’s the perfect American merge into full body health treatment through massage.

Tressage™ means Treatment and Massage. How did this technique come to be? Being a spa practitioner and esthetician doing lots of body treatments and being a formulator, you get lots of practice with the human body wrap and treatment rituals and with formulating you practice plant ingredient possibilities. This is how indigenous cultures leaned the property potency of plants and their capabilities.

As an educator you see whats missing in knowledge and needed trend in practices including the professional's common trends. Whats missing in cities and villages outside of and around large urban areas are spas that offer or sell more then 1-2 types of body treatments and most of the patrons except a few understand the benefits and the potential therapies that could fulfill their alternative health needs.

But what if you have treatments on your menu and they do not sell. Do you just let it hang making it appear your offering them or do you seasonally run a service promotion for Gift Certificates and Special Events?

Its more then trying to educate a client when first they have never experienced a body treatment , building in more equipment or trying to get the staff or yourself to train and push the services. The answer is in: What are We doing wrong that could be Improved Upon?

Massage for years was laden with products for texture and made with unwanted chemicals to meet the glide rather then meet the nutrition needs of the largest gland in the human body, the skin. So now we know we must opt for natural and organic. Once that decision is made the glide and texture naturally becomes wonderful.

Treatment comes next. The American Spa Consumer likes it easy with seeing big results. But they do not want to spend a half day in the spa or see high costs  unless they are on vacation or very health bound. So, the treatments need streamlining with big rewards.

Tressage™ does all the above. Tressage™ is a massage with or without an up graded cost for the treatment part. Simply mix per service the powder-herbs which come in a beautiful clay base, with a nutrient choice of Amrit Organic oil very thinly. The organic herbs lightly exfoliating and burst with energy into the skin and the clay and nutrient organic oil make the most wonderful glide and massage vehicle, you'll ever use.This is not a salt glow or a dry brushing. But I have always taught to dry brush prior to a massage, but then I have always used organic products.

Ah Ha! A body massage with more benefits! Isn't that what we all want.

From there you can still offer Tressage™ as a full wrap by simply mixing it a bit thicker and after the wrap lightly remove the bulk and then massage in the rest with heating a little Amrit organic oil ...Oh la la,. You can be as creative as you like knowing the herbal mix melts well.  Even in a facial for back massage, hand and foot massage or even a neck and decollete massage for the client when you can not massage their face.

We have a wonderful guide just below for your  keeping. If you want to chat call us at 847 823 1727.

The Designer Tressage™ collection adds a more simplistic way to treat the body by incorporating the exact alternative health factor.

Tressage™Simple Guide

Prepare your table dressing for massage and invite Client in for Consult The Consult is then analyzed and the chosen Tressage™ treatment of Herbs and Amrit Organic Oil. Mix 1 or  2, ¼ teaspoons of Herbal powder in a small glass or stainless beaker with the proper amount of Organic Center Oil (1oz.) for the massage

Optional Anointing: Lead the client to the treatment table and have them sit for anointing the hands and feet with an essential oil of peace.  After the anointing is preformed have the client lie down face down for massage

Massage begin with the massage modality techniques your spa has decided for the specific Tressage™ collection. The massage should be conducted for 55 to 60 minutes.

The treatment can end with a warm cup of tea in a relaxation room (optional) and always with at home spa recommendations.

Tap here to see the Tressage™ Collection choices.



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