Aromatherapy, Do You fully practice it?

Over the past 15 years. I have presented many Aromatherapy Classes including:   

  Apothecary Wellness,

 Aromatherapy Blending,

 The Art of Aromatherapy,

 The Aromatherapy Bar,

 Global Plants and the Aroma Journey

 The list goes on with 23 Trade Magazine        Articles on Aromatherapy.

Maybe some of you remember Day Spa Trade magazine. This was my first of many articles on the power spa has with plant oils and their Holy Gift of Life, Aromatherapy.

But are you fully using it? It seems like the American Spa sticks with just a few consumer favorites. Is it because they have not been introduced to many alternatives? Lets review the facts and trends.

A great number of us have taken some level of an Aromatherapy Class. Most spas only venture into the art of wellness with Aromatherapy and  most spas like to serve the most popular because it's safe and profitable. But is it safe and profitable?

Most often its what we bring to the art of services that makes spa services popular and profitable. But if you take a step to recommend a service with alternative aromas and benefits added and educate the client on the benefits and results you have a win win therapy.

Here's an example. the Most Popular Aromatherapy Plants are the Lavender, Lemongrass and Most Citrus Plants Flowers and Fruits. A view venture into Bergamot and Petite Grain and lets not forget Tea Tree.

What if you add Ginger, or Carrot Seed or Black Pepper or a dash of Clove and Cinnamon or Rosemary or Basil and Juniper berry. These are a few of the vast number of Essential Oil that can add amazing benefits.

The important part here is knowing the benefits, but it's OK to cheat and have a quick reference because Essential Oils are like, no they are plant medicine.

Let's examine the Feature of a few.

Ginger is one of my favorites for winter. Ginger is known to be peppery aromatic with a spice accent. Ginger detoxifies, it warm-but regulates the body temperature and it supports better circulation. Amazing right. If you blend for a body massage a few drops of Ginger with Lavender to calm the senses and Mint to settle in the joy and arouse the skin with purifying and strengthening benefits, the results and client approval excels. This formula is loaded for the menopause, and all feminine issues, weary achy , or the exhausted and poor appetite, or the person who tends to get colds and is sensitive to seasonal changes.  Remember Ginger is a healing EO and when ginger is added to the diet it strengthens our resilience to Colds and Flu.

Carrot seed, eat a carrot everyday right! Carrot seed is very French. France is their indigenous home. Its loaded with anti-oxidants and fights the damage of smoking, drinking alcohol, wellness neglect which is for every women on a stress loaded schedule and a poor and slow immune system. You're going to love this, Carrot seed is awesome its full benefits are- antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Plus it brings the color of health along with it to the skin.

Not convinced yet! The beauty of this is you start with the flavor of the Spa and add additional benefits.

Try Lavender Mint and Rosemary for dry acne and the most dry and flaky skins for purification, strength, anti-bacterial effects, plus more hydration and better mobility

Try Citrus with a touch of Cinnamon and Clove for energy and mind clarification and to improve nerve and blood flow, anti-aging antioxidants and warmth or temperature change to the skin that is needed.

Try a Citrus with Black Pepper with Petite-grain for opening the sinuses and expanding energies to improve breathing and heal inflammation.

I can run a lot of circles around you with the use of essential oils but again it goes back to learning the benefits and results and knowing that there are many essential oils that do similar experiences but bring something in addition that is slightly different and most promising to the service.

I leave you with an inspiration to take a leap beyond the common and grow your specialties in spa.

Note our aromatherapy special this Friday! Take that leap of faith, it's the perfect time.



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