Celebrating Mother Earth 2021

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By celebrating the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth there is also a responsibility awakening of how we can preserve the earth and heal her back to wellness which supports all species. We have come far but have had small successes because it takes a like minded village in consistent action.

The Spa industry is one that can become a leader in environmental healing due to the more then ever needed treatments of alternative medicine therapies.

The Future of Spa services has to change because, internal/physical and mental health are in a critical state.  

I have lectured about chemical toxicity in cosmetics and spa products and, sustainability and the spa responsibilities to the earth. My Apothecary Wellness Building lecture was introduced in New York the fall of 2013  and I have been honored to repeat it over many years across the United States Its official title is the Blueprint of Apothecary Wellness and you can see the overview here  Apothecary Wellness Over View PDF  

To become more wellness and kinder to the Earth or a full service wellness spa, offering Indigenous ritual can be challenging because it takes educating the client and building the trust factor.  Rituals can seem or be daunting and our Amrit Organic Brand offers many of the most important Indigenous Rituals for those who want and understand the value of ancient practices, but we also saw that the 20th Century Spa needed  Modern Body Rituals that speaks a new language of description to the therapist and the client. They can easily take your client into understanding the benefits and then moving them into ancient practices. 

Look in our shop at the Amrit Organic Modern Body Therapies. These therapies directly target today's health concerns.

But above all the ritual choosing, you can begin by educating your clients and start with offering an Organic Aroma Oils in Multiple Modality Massage for Body but also for the Face and Body Wrap.

In 2011, I was featured in Day Spa Magazine because of my knowledge of the Power of Aromatherapy and it's History.

Today it is an important Gift the Earth has given us for food as well as aroma beside the most Important which is Water.

Knowledge and Aromatherapy preformed correctly makes a huge difference in Spa Therapies and Clients Health.

Lets celebrate Mother Earth by changing and exchanging out processed Spa Products for organic toxin free products with purpose and properties.

So how to begin? If you are already knowledgeable with Aromatherapy I can suggest taking the step to the next level of customizing with non-aroma organic plant oils in a mixture with aroma oils for each client's immediate needs and program goals.

If you just dabble or use processed aroma products, start by using one non-aroma plant oil like our Signature Organic Oil or Balm and choose 6 oils for multiple custom but easy effective therapies.

I can help you develop the department services to match you spa with a free phone conversation.Just email for a phone appointment at info@redcherrygroup.com

Now how does this Celebrate Mother Nature?

With Amrit Organic Products you will be:

  • Eliminating processed products from the Spa
  • Slow the production of processed Cosmetics
  • Have the Ability to Recycle Glass
  • Eliminate toxins in the Spa
  • Provide Healthy and Safe Treatments that meets today's needs
  • Support a green and organic Company

Because your interested in organic aromatherapy here is another great Aromatherapy Class I  teach.


My best to all and take advantage of our Earth Blessings Special




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