Know Our Journey Jan 2007 - May 2021

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Everyone's Journey is important and we want you to know ours. There is so much to do to bring whole health to an industry, a culture, a habit and a practice and ours is still on track and now even more important then ever.

15 years ago we launched Amrit Organic, because we could saw the wellness factor become the most crucial part of everyone's life and health survival.

Our very first clients were a handful of Independent Massage Professionals and Health Clinics. Both, wanted to bring non toxic and indigenous medical practices to their clients who were seeking wellness with purpose.


Shortly after the Hyatt Corporation and Hyatt Pure Spas wanted to begin a wellness ORGANIC body and massage service program from us to North America in 2007.

We have been servicing the Hyatt Pure Spas ever since. Amrit Organic Division of products has expanded not just within the Hyatt Pure Spas but to 47 Hotel and Resort Spas in North America. Our Corporate partnerships include the Chicago Waldorf Astoria 12 years, the Four Seasons 6 years, and The Hilton Resorts 13 years, but there are many more.

Today you will find Amrit Organic has been embraced by the finest Stand Alone Spas, Wellness Clinics, Alternative Health Providers, independent Professionals and even Wellness focuses Salons and Solo Spas.

Amrit Organic is still the most highly nutrient and health designed and formulated professional brand in the USA.

You will not find Amrit Organic sold in discount spa product websites, distributors and stores.

Amrit Organic is competitive in price, unmatched for performance and quality and highest in whole health nutrients.

Amrit Organic can be found only in the Red Cherry Group Family of Supreme Quality Spa Products that support health and Mother Nature.

We welcome you to join the true world of healthy professional brands and see and feel the difference. 15 Years proves it.

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