2022 Trends and Some Botanical Ingredient Supply Report

Trends are a wonderful informational guide to our future business. There are more then just a few trends and sometimes they give us Information that directly applies to our culture of clients and business and some do not. But it's import to be aware of them as much as possible. 

I'm choosing to bring to you a micro- list of the vast trends in 2002 that directly face all spas from medical, to clinical, resort, and  yes wellness.

In the Science of product development for you, the professional or owner, the world of science is reaching to the advance power abilities of plants. Here is where the focus of energies are and what is driving them. 

The 2022 Trend for Wellness from both science, medical and alternative wellness is using botanicals for their antimicrobial and protective cellular properties. The best example: they are being used for new chemical creations of ingredients to fight the coronavirus to fungus with Botanicals being the single most impactful ingredient in personal care and health products today.

Science and Medicine,

Plants are now the biggest incentive to reach for especially plants that are rich in triterpenoids, because they have been found to have important inhibitory activity against coronaviruses.

This includes the addition of plant cellular virus inhibitors in chemical based consumer products for protection and other plant chemicals in their chemical makeup to become the driving ingredient added tor high profile Anti-aging, because of their ability to be synthesized.

Daily Personal Care,

Botanicals are the Game changer for the entire Green Natural Product movement for 2022. Studies show that this is entirely driven by  consumer wants and searches, and  this is what is redefining the natural product ingredient direction. Botanicals, are now the leader in the natural cosmetic and beauty industry and is shifting formulas to an even more green and clean natural and organic beauty care industry. All this is changing product textures, additive elimination concerning synthetic ingredients, benefits and sustainability by chemists reaching back to traditional and local ingredients, which bring us back to the natural formulation before the the invention of petroleum in the 20th century.

FYI, although lead and zinc were the toxins of the late 1800s into the 1900s the research of petroleum brought the advanced  science of chemical by-products to the beginning of new heights that has dominated the cosmetic industry for the last 70 years.

Ingredient Resource Report

The growth and production of Eucalyptus effect many markets from pain relieve to animal food. But in Spa its a basic Essential Oil to always have on hand. Here is  the immediate future for 2022-2023.

Eucalyptus trees in Australia had suffered extensively from the 2020 bush fires, and the process of regrowth and recovery has been slow but steady. Eucalyptus is a very selective plant which grows well in only a few small regions where shale/quartz exists in a base of sandy clay loam. The Eucalyptus plantations are located within the natural growing regions as well and the excellent seasonal conditions have resulted in tremendous growth in the plantations and will lead to one of the largest crops in many years. But, the harvest and products moves into fresh supplies starting in 2023. Supplies will be sufficient for this year as it stands now.

My suggestion is to add Juniper-berry and Marjoram Oil which we have available and add to your blend to enhance the power of pain relief in a massage and cut the drops of Eucalyptus. This is mix is Ayurvedic and is awesome for arthritis and sore muscles. Or use our Jivaka which is the complete alternative Ayurvedic medicine for pain. 

Grapefruit Oil is on the decline due to Florida Climate and Slow Growth . Other Countries are taking over but as for now production will be low and cost will rise.

Lavender grows best in moderately dry climates, with mild winters and sunny summers, ideally found in France and Bulgaria. There haven't been any major problems with Lavender production and the yield is to remain same as from 2020 to 2021 with projected annual harvest of 600MT. Demand for Lavender Oil had peaked in 2019 and continued to be strong throughout 2020 and 2021 because of its antibacterial properties. If the weather conditions remain favorable, market will remain stable in 2022, with chances of price increase in the coming years due to strong demand and decreased carryover stock from previous years. The demand for Lavender remains stable and strong.

Spa Offerings and Culture Directions of Change

Wellness and sustainability are going hand in hand because of the unstable future of health and climate changes impacting our living stability.

  • Wellness in Hospitality, Clients are adding wellness and physical activity to their travels.  You can develop this in you community easily.
  • Amenity changes in green beverages and green esthetics including sound, open green space
  •  Integrated wellness experiences:  meditation, yoga stretch rooms, acupuncture, breath work, Life health coaching and !V Therapy
  • All inclusive wellness offerings under one roof and retail aids with support programs to support the home.

Where to find resources for theses trends

The Red Cherry Group is fulfilling 100% of the professional product needed along with Private Wellness Oils, Balm and other Treatment Blends for your spa's unique culture.

Amrit organic offer Anti-illness Product Collections and essential oil health building Essential Oil Blends.

For Alternative Integrated Wellness resources and services start with the list of Best Alternative Schools in the United State  Then go to the closest Urban city by you and then local.

For a more Green Spa Development in an existing spa and facility look for a Sustainability and a Green Center of professional in your community.

For more guidance give us a shout at info@redcherrygroup and ask for me.


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