Prescribing Nature

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Do you know that recommending a wellness treatment is prescribing nature?

Nature has always been the formulated base of all personal care products. Wellness Trends are the driving force of a healthy lifestyle into nature, placing the importance of specifics of holistic and organic ingredients and many indigenous practice purposes. Imperatively, we are embracing prescribing nature because, it is at the top of Preventative Care with Whole Food, Maintaining Weight and Aiding in Anti-aging with the priority of longevity of health and beauty.

Important facts in Prescribing Nature. Our legal term to use is recommending with all its knowledge including Nature’s power. But Nature is different because you are stepping into the world of natural beauty healing. Now we are learning the knowledge of holistic natural ingredients and treatments. Services to study formed in nature are Indigenous, 20th Century Modern Aromatherapy and 21 Century New Holistic Findings. 


Let us look at what is included with Prescribing Nature.  First you will need to study plants and their uses and benefits and all their usable textures and processing with a passion. This includes whole plant oils, essential oils, tinctures, herbs, and plant powders. This takes you into discovering the Natural selection of ingredient combining and how plants work with individual conditions and chronic immediate needs presented.  You will discover and be able to understand inflammation, pain relief, balance, and beauty, which all focus on the happiness of healthy beauty and anti-aging longevity.

Next is the ability to choose the products wanted based on more inclusive benefits from ingredient labels and recognizing ingredients not wanted that might disturb the final goal. An example is fragrance and yes, you will be more knowledgeable about product formulation.

To prescribe nature, the consultation becomes a deeper digging for understanding to discovery. Asking questions like long and short goals directly involving not just what they want but of their current condition and what you observe as the first step. Observation is imperative to prescribing nature’s power.

Lastly, the dedication to beauty and well-being with Prescribing Nature includes daily rituals and specific treatments broadening the ability to recognize the need of specialization for each individual. Products choices include Aromatherapy, Plant and Herbal Bars and Custom Blending with Specific Indigenous Services that meet the Community’s Needs including Specialty and basic skin treatments, Alternative Massage and Whole Health Body Techniques and Anti-Aging with Nature. You can combine a variety of venues or go all Nature. In combining Nature with Traditional Products, it is especially important to have balance in the menu, staff education and guidance. 

Once you learn Nature, you will understand that She is a prescription to beauty and wellness, like a way of life and she will continue to broaden your powers of knowledge meeting the clients changing needs.  


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