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Meditation in Spa Services

Adding Meditation to Spa Services

Section: Being Well

The purpose of meditation is to open the door to self-awareness through the introspection of internal health. It induces peace and strength to detox and balance the mind, body and spirit. The most natural rituals to incorporate meditation into are spa services.

Meditation and the Spa

Spas today focus on inspirational visualization, calming and healing aromas, mood music and healing touch services to relax and relieve body stress. By adding meditation, you strengthen all these purposes into one perfect service. You can achieve this with simple additions or all-inclusive services and a yoga and meditation studio.

5 Spa Meditation Methods

Simple additions can be made in the spa that change a culture into one that meets the needs of current stresses.

Breath. Breathing techniques open pathways to directly affect the heart, lungs, chest, arms and hands.

Stretch. Gentle movement releases a plethora of crunched muscles, moves toxins and reboots nerve endings.

Yoga twists. Moving the connective muscles that carry weight can be beneficial for relieving stress. These movements include rotating the head from side to side, stretching and slightly twisting the arms and rotating the ankles and wrists to loosen and release tension and compression. These three movements can be easily added to a facial, body treatment and all types of massage.

Music. Humans are extremely sensitive to sound and its quick interpretation and conveying actions from warning to stimulating reality or creating illusion. The best music to silence stress is non-vocal with a

whisper pitch flowing perfectly. Asian bongs and bells are perfect for hallways, but in the treatment room, there are three musical choices: relaxation/positive energy, calming/focus and clarity and deep tones/healing and better sleep.

Decor. Choose stress reducing hues of blue or violet for a calming ambiance, pastel pink for a peaceful ambiance, green for a comforting ambiance and the gray for a light and neutral ambiance. Choose nature for pictures and decor.

Bringing it All Together

Now, imagine in a spa robe, being guided with music to a comforting oasis. Then you are guided onto a table and asked to breathe following a guided breath, while being anointed with the aromas of citrus and tropic/ floral. Then, imagine being asked to stretch your arms out and being guided to slowly twist without a word. Your guide then moves to your ankles, brings your arms to your sides and ends at your head gently moving it side to side while still breathing. This would all happen within three minutes.

These simple actions silently introduce your client to meditation and maximum results. There are more advanced techniques, but start with simple additions to coordinate and perfect. Happy meditative practicing to all.

T.P. Canavino is the president of The Red Cherry Group, with 30 years of experience in the spa business, service development and career building industry. This includes: spa-salon management, degrees in cosmetic organic chemistry and executive spa business development.

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